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You can participate in this wiki (edit ideas, fix bugs, ...):


option comment
use existing account user: feedback
pwd: for<first-name-of-this-person> (all small and no <,>)

(would be nice anyways, when you add your name)
register new account the register process offers a field where you can add comments
  (fire + forget:
    you don't need to login at all:
    I can see the comment you added in the registration process)
contact the admin - email (or: see red text at bottom here)
- see the table at micro-blog services
- Experiences in online communities


Wherever you like. In case it's not clear, use the:

  • Discussion
  • the talk pages (each wiki page has a talk page)
  • or ask one of the admins

Read also this wiki's mission.

see also