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Bollywood and more

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This page will show people who are interested in Bollywood (music) where to start listening...

  • see this account for one example

Contents groups analyzed

Here's a comparison for some groups: group members
Bollywood Oldies 116
Bollywood Soundtracks 839
Bollywood Music 127
Bollywood Hitz 17
Bollywood w Polsce 134
sum: 1233


the top characteristic artists are: page name Twitter plays on listeners
average play per listener my plays on
Mohit Chauhan मोहित चौहान 217,409 27,488 7.9 2
A.R. Rahman அல்லா ரக்கா ரஹ்மான் @arrahman 2,913,190 209,431 13.9 5
Sonu Nigam सोनू निगम @sonuniigaam 344,876 52,177 6.6 41
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan 198,758 24,320 8.2 3
Lata Mangeshkar लता मंगेशक 480,559 73,446 6.5
Asha Bhosle आशा भोसले @ashabhosle 297,063 47,144 6.3 5


  • I'll add more groups in the future + merge the results...
    • please suggest some groups which will fit into this analysis, thx
  • you can use this tool also for generating: group artist matcher
  • this is part of the series: group artist matcher

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