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My research helpers

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Most of these systems don't need interaction, they work by themselves. And we humans can enjoy their "work"...

learning project goal output participants creation date comment
evolution of life How long can these models survive? graphical User:Life 2010-03 Conway's "Game of Life"
learning system associations to different topics Q 2012-03
paintings finding patterns, designs; art collection graphical Painter 2014-08-08 see research goal
ping-pong Is the "law of large numbers" really correct? Ping, Pong 2014-08-08 see research notes
contributions reviewing old articles again Review 2014-08-01 the "random page" function itself isn't that random :-(
Music compositions gather nice music for listening graphical, audio Maestro 2014-08-10 see research goal
Models building 3D objects graphical Modeler 2014-08-19 by merging layers
Numbers numbers/text generator User:Numbers 2014-08-20
Chess analysis (AI vs AI) graphical Thinker, Blitzer 2014-08-22
Emails crypto Cryptomaniac 2016-03-01

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Here are some selected results from the above projects:

evolution of life



3d models

animated model