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I had the choice to:

  • install a MW extension which allows me to insert raw HTML :-(
"you have to put the microformats stuff in the HTML, not as wiki content", "all those things should go in the HTML (possibly through your template) and should not be escaped"
  • or use templates
    • I decided for this option

how it's used here (in Mediawiki)


e.g. for user pages

microformats (v1)

e.g. for your signature

Microformats for your signature.png

hAtom , h-entry (e.g. for your articles)


hAtom/h-entry needs more love though (see Template talk:Hatom):

  • e.g. better layout, url (aka permalink)

initial experience

things that didn't really work because I didn't add it as real HTML into the pages, MW wouldn't parse it correct (though, the mf/mf2-parsers would partly show it as working):


see also