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Micro blogging posts

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intention of this page:

before: The problem I have so far is: that I have not yet all my contacts from all services at one place, so I want to track down in which service I post more.
now: help people to select better what they need

2014-07-25: I need to overhaul this page more

so it reflects also my recent likings, see e.g. 2014 July

Here's a summary (from 2012-12-26):

stats about my communication platforms, last 15 months:
much on identica (+981%) + federated statusnet server (e.g. alone with my bot >3.2k messages)
twitter + diaspora: only used to "dump" my friendica posts there

my current setting

  • Friendika -> StatusNet: which distributes to: + twitter
  • MediaWiki extension Send2StatusNet: which sends wiki edits to any StatusNet site (e.g.
  • direct communication between diaspora + friendika
(micro blogging) service 1st message account info comment
my posts
increase to last
measure point
total posts
who follow me
(I am following)
Friendika 2011-09-01 2011-09-29 1207 16160 124 SQL: SELECT * FROM `item` WHERE `author-name` = 'Erkan Yilmaz'
contacts involve also feeds
2012-12-26 1869 55% 229
2011-09-23 2011-09-29 56 56 1 2 I actually installed StatusNet 2011-08-31 (but had to reinstall, see here)
since a few days I use SN to forward my messages from friendika to twitter +
2012-12-26 828 1479% 6 3 mirror of my friendica account
StatusNet 2012-03-15 2012-12-26 3228 4 6 sweet talks with my bot (archive) 2010-12-07 2011-09-29 600 59 114
2012-12-26 5888 981% 187 160
twitter 2009-11-29 2011-09-29 946 136 231 User:Erkan Yilmaz/twitter
2012-12-26 1754 85% 165 238 mirroring my friendica account
diaspora 2011-09-29 0 8 account created 2011 Jan.
2012-12-26 8 mirroring my friendica account
but I was recently surprised to see some comments there
Tent 2012-10-07 2012-12-26 13 4 3 not much used since begin
Twister (archive) 2014-05-06 registered account on 13th January 2014,
see Twister experience
GNU social (Statusnet)
2014-04-29 2015 Feb 8: passed 10k msgs


  • actually I prefer(red) StatusNet over Friendika, but due to a problem that I can not run Ostatus, I've switched to Friendika
  • after using Friendika a while was also unhappy there, see here + stopped using it
  • then I discovered that StatusNet is a better "tool" to crosspost via the SubMirror plugin to external services a la twitter or
  • an advantage of this current system: StatusNet has mostly just my dents (since in Friendika I add all my contacts), so I can have a smaller DB dump in StatusNet

other software

<me> well, I am not only using one software
<me> which is better to judge all efforts on all fronts
<me> but in general: the good thing with diversifying in software is:
<me> you get to know automatically new people
<me> well, you should not only point to friendica
<me> it depends
<me> e.g. I recommend sometimes elgg (which has also microblogging capabilities, e.g. for some teachers )
<me> and actually:
<me> with RSS feeds
<me> one can point to any software :-)
<me> such an old technology, but perfect
<me> well one point one could also look at is: the dependencies needed in the software to install
<me> and e.g. diaspora I can't install on one of my servers
<me> also not this one:
<me> What is a federated wiki
<me> and that's a bummer
<me> I'd like if people want to realize their ideas into real world things
<me> they should first look: who can use it after I've realized it
<me> well, in theory you could also run your own server from your own machine (be it pc or mobile)
<me> when the FreedomBox comes that may be one thing also[1]
<me> I guess you need more people from you to the next connection
<me> you could convince some people in your area
<me> make a freifunk :-)

StatusNet - what is it?

<user> Hi. I'm new to StatusNet, so could anyone define what it really is?

<me> Hi, what did you do so far to understand what it is ?
<user> Checked out the Wikipedia and StatusNet Wiki page
<user> I *think* it's like a base to manage your own micro-blogging service

difference to twitter

<me> Do you know twitter ? Then I can give you an example based on that
<user> For example, says it uses StatusNet
<user> Doesn't Twitter use its own, proprietary 'base' or library?

<me> 1. Statusnet (SN) is the server software. The website uses SN
<me> 2. SN allows you to have control over your data, twitter doesn't give you any software to do this
<me> 3. SN gives you the possibility to talk to other people on other servers. While e.g. twitter only allows you to talk to twitter people


<me> 3b. e.g. you can talk from SN with people on Friendica servers
<user> OK. Thanks. Can it be deployed on Google AppEngine? I'm a newbie to all of this, so there might be some hitch I might not know about. Will I have to use IaaS like Amazon's services or my own server?
<user> Wait, can you elaborate more on 3.b)
<me> 3b: Any software which understands the protocol Ostatus can talk to SN servers (e.g. the software Friendica can do this)
<me> but: SN offers also RSS, atom feeds so one can always read info from there
<me> server: SN and Friendica are based on PHP, aynwhere where you have that you can install it

API + NO 140 char limit

<user> So the OStatus API is a bit like the IRC standard? Except limited to 140 chars? Or is that just a implementation restriction?
<me> It can do more than 140
<user> OK. How much does the library implement? The interface too as seen in the screenshots and implied by the wiki?
<me> I don't understand your question
<user> As in what exactly does the SN library do for us?
<me> to answer this acurately I need to know: Who is WE ?
<user> Umm... whoever is using it
<user> The devs, to be more accurate
<user> What part of making a micro-blogging service does it provide?
<me> It does provide "everything" + gives you access to ALL, since you e.g. also have access to the database
<me> as site admin and for API, see:
<me> it is e.g. compatible to 1.0 twitter APi if I remember correct
<user> Do you support OAuth ?
<me> It seems to me you don't read enough the wiki pages
<me> and the answer is: YES
<user> Ummm.... Thanks. And I'll remember to RTM from now.
<me> well, it can always be confusing reading up new things where stuff sound similar e.g. Ostatus Oauth


<me> in the end ...
<me> if you are a dev you should go for SN and alike software, since it gives you complete freedom to do what you want, e.g. not like what twitter did recently
<me> if you need numbers to convince you:
<me> figures
<me> this is ONLY for
<me> there are more federated servers out there
<user> I'd hate using Twitter. I'm a control freak. Umm... federated servers?
<user> Like the servers you mentioned earlier
<user> Where you can connect to any service?
<me> Servers which run their own software, where people have their own data
<me> At the moment people are just bringing users to twitter only
<me> and twitter is happy about this and gives one some crumbles like in the API
<user> Well, Corpocracy has already taken control
<user> Can IRC be called a federated service?
<user> The way I see it, it's much like OStatus
<user> Or XMPP
<me> there are also SN clients for Android or other mobile phones already
<me> the best would be to install it to see what it offers you
<me> SN can be installed in 2 mins

<me> about 140 chars:
<me> you can set this up in admin settings
<me> in my install it is here
<me> and then section: Limits


Friendica and StatusNet

<user> I've been checking Statusnet too
<user> and friendica
<me> I am running both if you need something to know
<user> Ahh cool, can you just tell me the difference between those?
<user> Statusnet aggregates all social networks, it's possible to post in it, then it goes to Twitter and Facebook, no?
<user> What about friendica?
<me> First: there may be also other software relevant for you: Micro blogging posts#other software ...
<me> Friendica can also post to twitter
<me> Not sure about FB since I don't use my FB account
<me> But it defintely can read FB posts
<me> In general the diff between Friendica + SN is their philosophy:
<me> SN is more for public things
<me> while Friendica is when you also want to do private stuff
<me> Friendica has in general much more features than SN
<me> but I personally also like SN
<user> I see...
<user> and elgg?
<user> I like elgg
<me> About "friendica can also post to twitter" <- there are many plugins/addons Friendica has so it could be worthwhile to look at it since Friendica is also great at collecting/aggregating
<me> Personally I just tried once elgg but back then the oreal federation feature sucked
<user> indeed, looks like too complicated to edit a user, which brings me down
<user> kind of.
<me> it may have changed though
<user> yeah
<user> I'll check it.. :D
<user> I've been trying to. Statusnet has no Facebook connect I think
<user> hm

other things

<user> Anyway, time to test elgg
<me> I could also recommend you to look at this: Aspects of federation
<me> some of those ideas can help you to select your software you really want
<me> I have added the aspects as I saw it
<me> e.g. exporting and importing stuff again is something people don't think about when selecting their SW :-(
<me> since I don't know what you really want to do, I can't help you more, just give general pointers ...
<user> Are your sites public ErkanYilmaz ?
<me> yes
<me> because:
<me> Blog:Observations/easier access of your data ...
<me> there is NOTHING secure in the internet

(Is there a button so the admin can edit other user's profile info ?)

This was at begin of the chat but I put it here since it's not that relevant for my purpose. I may later delete it anyways. Let's see...

<user> How do you guys edit a user accont?
<user> I can't seem to be able to edit it, using admin I see no option
<user> Even visiting user's profile..
<me> There is a button which I also didn't see in 3.1
<me> I am using the darkzero theme
<me> and
<user> Im using last version
<user> Im not able to find it..
<me> when you are in the home tab
<me> it's below the tabs
<me> and right of your profile name
<user> I mean, editing user account
<user> from admin?
<user> I can't seem to find it
<me> what do you mean ? You want to edit as an admin the user account of someone else ?
<me> What I mean was: edit your own account profile info
<user> As an admin, I want to edit a user account
<user> of someone else
<me> 1. I am not sure if that user wants it
<me> 2. if you are admin you could also do it over the database
<user> as an admin
<user> I want to be able to edit anyone's profile
<me> you are free to add a patch or add a bug report
<user> I see.
<user> So, right now there's no option to do it
<user> other than editing the DB...
<me> 3. I just imagine when someone hacks the admin account and then could do bad stuff with profiles
<user> How do I moderate users then? :)
<me> You can block or delete accounts at
<me> so, in your url: ../admin/users ...
<user> But I cannot edit an information
<user> or change a pw
<me> Why do you want that again ?
<me> Let's go to the deeper problem at begin
<me> A user can change pwd himself
<user> err, admin acc has priviledges
<user> in every social software I tried
<user> ;P
<me> Well, friendica is for privacy
<me> though the site admin can always access the DB to see e.g. user messages
<me> But as said: when someone hacks the account or those privacy awaresness could be reasons that what yo want is not implemented yet
<me> that is my opinion only, you are free to write to the Google group or to the friendica devs or in the bugtracker ...
<user> I do love this software.
<me> Well, I can imagine where what you want could be useful e.g. in context of teachers and students
<me> They set this up at school and sometimes pupils do stupid stuff and the teacher could fix it
<me> So, when you formulate it like this (e.g. in bugtracker) it could motivate people to do faster
<me> AND: ...
<me> I assume the feature does not exist yet, perhaps it does
<me> You know I do not know everything ...
<me> So it is always a good idea to ask others too ...

see also

  • This will help me also when I create summaries like:

  1. pagekite is also a good means