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the seven great singing stars - an analysis

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Here's a short summary on old Chinese music:

it's about 7 female artists from the early 20th century:
they are called: "Seven great singing stars" (七大歌星 - 40年代上海歌坛七大歌星 - qī dà gēxīng - De syv store sangstjerner)

  • there are 175k total plays on for them
  • with max. 33k listeners[1]
  • (I've 1.1k plays)

As you can see the person dying the earliest has more plays - perhaps the proverb that only if an artist dies (s)he gets famous is true?

total plays + listeners

  • Zhou Xuan 周璇: leading when considering plays + listeners
  • when considering (avg.) plays per listeners these two ladies lead the way:
    • Li Xianglan 大鷹淑子 李香蘭
    • Wu Yingyin 鼻音歌后 吳鶯音

artist birth-death total plays
plays per listeners listening session
Zhou Xuan 周璇 1918-1957 68.5k 11.1k 6.2 35 songs
Bai Guang 白光 1921-1999 34.7k 6.9k 5.0
Yao Lee 姚莉 1922 25.4k 6.9k 3.7
Li Xianglan 大鷹淑子 李香蘭 1920 22.7 2.3 9.9
Wu Yingyin 鼻音歌后 吳鶯音 1922-2009 7.6k 1.2k 6.3
Bai Hong 白虹 1919-1992 11.2k 3k 3.7
Gong Qiuxia 龔秋霞 1916-2004 4.9k 1.4k 3.5


  • the most played album so far is from:
    • Yao Li: Famous Female Singers From Shanghai (Lao Shanghai Hong Ling De Jue Shi Ge Sheng) - 2007
  • 4 labels are providing albums (this list might help you find other interesting music on these labels):
    • EMI Hong Kong: 20
      • Bai Guang: 7
      • Yao Li: 5
      • Ying Yin Wu: 4
      • Xiang Lan Li: 3
      • Bai Hong: 1
    • China Record Corporation: 7
      • Zhou Xuan: 6
      • Yao Li: 1
    • EMI Malaysia: 1
    • InterMusic: 1

further info

edit 2011-11-02:


  1. the amount is probably smaller, since an artist appears under several names at :-(