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bug reporting with micro blogging tools or activating public knowledge

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I was wondering if microblogs are a nice tool to do (better?) Mention In Passing (MIP)?
I imagine a link between bug databases (mantis, bugzilla, jira, ...) + e.g. twitter,, friendika ...


  • tweets, dents, ... have a limit (ca. 140 chars) it makes sure people describe the "main" thing
  • one has an automatic time stamp
  • in the form of Statusnet one has the possibility to show replies in a tree like structure
    • for e.g. reconstructing after test sessions the time spent on activities
  • after testing + review these MIPs in the database could be deactivated(?)
    • helps to keep the database clean?
    • to have later acess to this MIP knowledge a checkbox with MIP in search would be nice

  • Can be probably utilized over feeds offered (+ some filtering of tags) already
  • or you could get feeds from both + display in a feed viewer?

  • access?
    • only to specific users (company internal, beta testers, ...) or
    • public
      • activates public knowledge during your sessions (not only because you have now more people who might help (re)test for you ;-) )
      • in general you could see what people are experiencing in times when you do not test (the released version)

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