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What is so fascinating about water

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What is so fascinating about water?

Lately the ability of water to loosen dirt (e.g. on plate) pops up in my mind
I'm reminded of it during tooth brushing or other places where water is used. (Yeah, call me crazy... :-))
One surely can explain this ability by the different processes involved.
But still: I find this a strange thing (in the sense of fascination)
such a "small" thing (non-human built) can achieve something, is water undervalued by me/humans/...?

todo: find more aspects of water, e.g.:

  • How much fluid is in a/my human body?
    • 50-60% body-weight seems water[1] (though my eyes think it's more since I've urinated until now more than I weigh ;-))
  • How much water can be found on the earth? on other planets? elsewhere?
    • Earth: though ca. 70% covers surface of Earth[2], water makes ca. 0.02% of Earth's total mass[3]
  • functions?
    • helpful (at the moment)
      • saves (e.g. drinking, creates jobs (purification plant, ...))
      • fun (e.g. open-air pool)
      • ...
    • not so helpful (at the moment)
      • kills (e.g. in form of tsunamis)
      • ...
  • Alan Watts
  • 道德经 book2 chapter 78
  • ...

see also

  1. Wikipedia: Body water
  2. Wikipedia: Water
  3. Wikipedia: Hydrosphere